China Filatelie, vol. 34, whole nr. 136, November 2002


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45-46               From the editor, from the board


47-49               Japanese postal stationary – offices in China, translation of an article with this title in Postal Stationary 15-4  (July-August 1973)


49           25 years ago a short look back on the September 1977 issue of the Bulletin


49           75 years ago, a short note from a 1927 periodical, mentioning the amount of banditry of which the Chinese Post was victim in 1925


49           On the cover a sheet from Togo is shown; Mao’s portrait is made up from many miniature photo’s of people, buildings and art from China.


50           To China for 5 ore a newspaperwrapper is shown, sent from Denmark to Canton in 1906; it is remarkable that there is no additional franking beyond the domestic tariff of  5 ore.


51           Prize!  The Dutch Bulletin was awarded the prize for the best specialized philatelic periodical of 2002. A source of pride for everyone involved.


53           Aids to the China Philatelist. A small aid to reading dates in postmarks and a list of the years connected to the different signs of the Chinese year-cycle.


55           Special ordinary letter sent in 1905 from Tientsin to Germany through the Russian post, using a Russian franked envelope (without overprint) and a mixture of overprinted and unoverprinted stamps.


56-57               From the magazines mentions the most remarkable articles from periodicals dealing with China philately.


58           In the marketplace; the author gives some realisations at auction in a recent sale.


59-60               New in the library: recently acquired books in the library of the study group.


61-68               New issues PRC and Taiwan




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