China Filatelie, vol. 34, whole nr. 137, December 2002


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69-70 From the editor, from the board


70 Birds additional information on the birds shown on the new regular stamps of the PRC


71-75 UPU congress booklet, the author gives a short history of Chinas membership of the UPU and shows pages from a souvenir booklet distributed by the Chinese delegation during the 1934 UPU congress in Cairo. On the cover is the first page from that booklet.


75 Amoy Postage Due overprint new setting? Hendrik Oranje shows a copy of the Postage Due overprint on ct. Amoy. The combination of type of overprint (with damaged S) and transfer type C of the stamp has not been described before. Moreover the lines of the overprint are shifted compared to other copies of the same type. This might point towards a new, unknown setting of this overprint.


77-79 Spink Spectacular Auction: The November 2002 auction of this auction firm in Hong Kong contained many highlights of China Philately, among which a small One dollar on Red Revenue and a block of unoverprinted Red Revenue stamps. The author also shows some lots of the Liberated Areas.


81-82 In the marketplace; the author gives some realisations at auction in recent sales and some observations on development of prices.


83-84 New in the library: recently acquired books in the library of the study group.

85 From the magazines mentions the most remarkable articles from periodicals dealing with China philately.

85 Philately in school, in a school in Xiamen Philately was introduced as a compulsory subject in the curriculum!


87-91 New issues PRC and Taiwan

91 25 years ago a short look back on the December 1977 issue of the Bulletin


92 Special ordinary card sent in 1903 from Harbin to Belgium through the Russian post, using a Russian postcard (without overprint). The sender, a missionary on his way to China, describes his adventures during the train journey to China.


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