China Filatelie, vol. 35, whole nr. 138, May 2003


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1             From the editor, from the board


1                       25 years ago a short look back on the March 1978 issue of the Bulletin


2                      Newspaper wrapper of Russian Post used in 1911 to Germany


3-7         The Flying Geese stamps; translation of the article of this title in Stamps World #66


7                      Russian Postcard used to Tientsin; the card was postmarked at arrival in Tientsin from Sretensk, being censored in Irkutsk.


9-14       The Chinese Moon-calendar in datestamps; the authors give an overview of the Chinese way of naming years and months and give a guide to transferring Chinese dates in Dollarchops and local postmarks from the 1904-1912 period to dates in the Western calendar. The article is partially adapted from Asian Philately, #92, Jan-Feb. 1982


14           Russian envelope used in China in 1913, when “Kitai” overprinted envelopes were long available. The letter was sent from Beijing to Friedenau (Germany) and has an arriving cancel on the back.


15-18               Phila China Auction in Hong Kong April 26th, 2003 Lots from this spectacular auction are shown and described.


19           In the marketplace; the author gives some realisations at auction in recent sales


21-23               New issues PRC and Taiwan



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