China Filatelie, vol. 35, whole nr. 139, June - September 2003


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page       summary


25-26               From the editor, from the board


27-37               Collecting the Liberated Areas. The author shows items from his collection of liberated areas and discusses the availability of the issues of the various areas, with particular attention to postally used stamps.


37           25 years ago a short look back on the July 1978 issue of the Bulletin


38           Envelope of the Russian Post used to Germany in 1911; the original registration label was covered with a ‘western’ type, retaining the original number. The matching registration slip is also shown..


39-40               The Transsiberian Railroad, connection between China and Europe.  The map shows the itinerary of the railroad, of which the history is described. The letter shown was sent ‘Via Siberia’ shortly before the German attack on the Soviet Union in 1941.


41-45               In the marketplace; the author gives some realisations at auction in recent sales and shows some of the items he acquired at the July auction of Unitric.


49-52               New issues PRC and Taiwan


52           Letter from Swatow with Hong Kong franking as sold on eBay recently for $460 because of the extremely scarce postmark on these unoverprinted stamps. The 10 c. was not reported with this postmark in Webb.



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Johan Sevenhuijsen

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