China Filatelie, vol. 35, whole nr. 140, December 2003


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53           From the editor, from the board


54          Echoes from the past in Shanghai; story from the International Herald Tribune on letters still arriving in a Shanghai street of which the name was changed in 1943.


54           25 years ago, a short look back on the December 1978 issue of the Bulletin


55-58               Chinese Houses describes the architecture of the houses pictured on the 1986-91 set of regular issues of the PRC


58           Information please on the SYS stamps pictured which bear green lines through the design.


59-60               From Shanghai to Wormeldange (Luxemburg). The letter on the cover was routed through Holland and was censored in Zeeland and transported to Wemeldinge, a small village with a name similar to that of the address, before being sent on to its destination.


60           Information please if anyone has seen the white spot in the sun as shown in the SYS stamp.

60           Color difference in the PRC block shown: it has green instead of ochre background.


61-63               Fournier fakes of French offices in China. The work of this famous forger on these issues is shown and points of difference with the originals are discussed. Also a list of known fakes is given.


27-37               Collecting the Liberated Areas. The author shows items from his collection of liberated areas and discusses the availability of the issues of the various areas, with particular attention to postally used stamps.


63           Replycard to China: card of the German Post in China, from Belgium to Hankow, uprated for registration


65-67               In the marketplace; the author gives some realisations at auction in recent sales and shows some of the items he acquired at the November auction of Spink.


67-69               New in the library, books acquired in the past year by the library of the studygroup.


71-72               Remarkable postal history; two cards with reply are shown, both sent to China and back with the ‘question’-part attached. One is German and was registered both ways, the other Belgian and uprated for international use. The franking on the way back to Belgium is remarkable: 9 ct. Chinese stamps (counting the Belgian franking for the domestic postcard tariff) and 20 ct French offices (Belgian franking not taken into account).


73-80               New issues PRC and Taiwan


80           Japan and South Korea argue over stamp; the Korean stamp depicts a small island also claimed by Japan. A diplomatic row ensued; the 2.24 million stamps were sold out in hours.


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