China Filatelie, vol. 36, whole nr. 141, June 2004


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1-2, 18   From the editor, from the board


2                       25 years ago, a short look back on the December 1978 issue of the Bulletin


3-4         Mao Zedongs Long March may have been shorter than Chinese historic sources say, is the conclusion of two Brits who walked the historic route. In the article two stamps illustrate the history of the Long March and the poem Mao Zedong wrote about it.


5-6         The Chinese Labourcorps that functioned in France during the First World War had correspondence with China using special envelopes, shown here. The bigger one was used for the post to China and included the smaller envelope, used for a reply.


7-13       The January 2004 Phila China Auction contained many spectacular lots from the recently surfaced De Grosse collection. Some of those are shown, with emphasis on the used Shanghai Great Dragons.


13           In the marketplace; the author gives some realisations at auction in a recent sale


15-16               Machine slogan cancels used as receiving cancels in the Republic period are shown, some are an addition to the 1991 China Clipper article by J. Lewis Blackburn.


16           New book on cancels of the Republic period by Rudolf Münch, published by the German study group is announced.


17-18               From the magazines on Chinese Philately some articles are described


19-24               New issues PRC and Taiwan           


24           On ordering new stamps from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan


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