China Filatelie, vol. 36, whole nr. 142, December 2004


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25-26               From the editor, from the board

27-30               A southern railroad connection to China? The author describes the history of a famous train to Asia, the Orient Express and also describes the more recent initiative to construct a Trans Asian Railway which would connect Istanbul with (ultimately) China. That would mean a southern alternative to the Transsiberian route.

30           25 years ago, a short look back on the June - December 1979 issue of the Bulletin

31-32               Memories of the Chinese Post; the author, who lived in China in the first half of the last century, describes the service and efficiency of the Chinese post in the remote area where he was stationed in this article, reprinted from a 1941 magazine.

33           Postcards from the French Post in China, the author shows two cards, one sent registered to Germany in 1906 with Paquebot cancel; the other (on the cover) a 4 ct. on 10 ct. card from 1919, showing a crossed out T . The explanation (as written on the back of the card) is that the postage through the French Post to France at the time was 6 ct, while the postage to the rest of the world (including Belgium, where this card was sent) was only 4 ct..

35-36               A new railroad from China to Tibet is a controversial and ambitious technical project.

36           From the magazines on Chinese Philately some articles are described

37-38               New book on cancels of the Republic period by Rudolf Münch, published by the German study group is described and compared to other sources, like Chang. The use of the new book is complicated and cumbersome.

39           The “Billon 914” label looks like an airmail stamp, but is an advertisement for a medicine against Syphilis. Also shown is an envelope which advertises the same product.

40           Unidentified overprints from Munchuria on Manchukuo stamps are shown. These could not be identified through any known source and readers having more info on these stamps are encouraged to provide it.

41           A nice novelty from the Chinese post is a series of envelopes containing 5 different kinds of Chinese earth. They were issued on October 1st, 2004 and numbered PFN 2005-05

43-48               New issues PRC and Taiwan           


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