China Filatelie, vol. 37, whole nr. 143, June 2005


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1-2         From the editor, from the board

2                       25 years ago, a short look back on the June - December 1979 issue of the Bulletin

2                      Belgian Post in China, a rare specimen stamp for this never effected foreign post office was sold recently.

3-7         Double is more, the twin issues of China. In this first installment of a series the issues of China with Canada (Norman Bethune, 1990) and Belgium (Porcelain, 2001) are discussed and illustrated.

7             From the magazines on Chinese Philately some articles are described

9-10       Stamps with Railway theme are abundant in China, starting with the Junk stamps; also a postcard is shown showing a railway bridge in Lanchow, raising the question in what line this bridge was.

10           New books A CD was added to the book on cancels of the Republic period by Rudolf Münch, published by the German study group (reviewed in the last issue), this makes the use of the book much easier. Also a new book on the French post offices in China appeared which gives a nice overview.

11-12               Peacocks are shown on some recent Chinese stamps (set 2004-6), but the pictures are less than accurate, also in the New Issue Bulletin the Latin name of the bird is given falsely (Pavo cristanis in stead of Pavo cristatus).

12           From the magazines on Chinese Philately some articles are described.

13-16               From the marketplace In this article the advantages and drawbacks of Internet auctions as compared to classic auctions are discussed. Smaller classic auction houses are hurt by the advance of Internet auctions. Also some results of recent auctions are given.

16           Special block from Macau shows the family of a board member (personalized)

17-18               1919 Postal Atlas re-issued by the French studygroup is a great source for study, can be ordered through

18           Anti Bandit Overprint from Loshan is read left to right in stead of right to left (as normal). The postmark on the stamp reads left to right as well.

19-24               New issues PRC and Taiwan           


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