China Filatelie, vol. 37, whole nr. 144, October 2005


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page†††††† summary

25-26†††† ††††††††† From the editor, from the board

26††††††††† Additional Charge Labels: text of a short lecture by Hendrik Oranje on the subject

27-31†††††††††††††† Double is more, the twin issues of China. In this second installment of a series the issues of China with Iran (Buildings, 2003), Liechtenstein (Flower paintings, 2005) and Cuba (Palm beaches, 2000) are discussed and illustrated. On the cover is the September 2005 twin issue with the Netherlands on Watermanagement.

33-35†††††††††††††† Express mail service in the PRC (postal express mail) was suspended in 1953 and re-started in 1987. The types of labels and chops used for this service are shown.

35-38†††††††††††††† EMS: another type of express mail adds to the previous article an overview of the special delivery service started by the UPU and joined by China in 1980, at first for international mail, from 1984 also for domestic mail in certain areas and recently even with guaranteed delivery times (refund if delivery takes longer). This service has a different logo, seen on the labels used.

38 ††††††††† 25 years ago, a short look back on the June 1980 issue of the Bulletin

39-40†††††††††††††† The large dragons, some questions and answers on this first issue of Chinaís post

40-41†††††††††††††† Developments in the auction world are discussed. Also some results of recent auctions are given.

43-48†††† ††††††††† New issues PRC and Taiwan†††††††††††


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