China Filatelie, vol. 37, whole nr. 145, December 2005


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49-50 From the editor, from the board, letter to the editor

51-56 Double is more, the twin issues of China. In this third installment of a series the issues of China with Netherlands (2005), Canada (2005) and New Zealand (1997) are discussed and illustrated.

57-62 Shanghai Emergency Postal Service 1932 the scouting connection is a translation of the interesting article by Halvard Slettebo, published in the Scout and Guide Stamps Club Bulletin in 2003, also to be found on the internet:

63-64 Chinas stamp-war against Taiwan and the Dalai Lama! Translation of an article published in German in Philatelie (issued by the BDPh), December 2004. It deals with the withdrawn issue of a UN (Geneve) stamp designed by a boy from Taiwan and with the withdrawn plan for a Dalai Lama stamp to be issued by Austria. Allegedly Chinese authorities influenced those decisions.

65-66 Special issues of the PRC for the help to Tsunami victims and on occasion of 30 years of diplomatic relations between China and the EU are shown.

70 25 years ago, a short look back on the December 1980 issue of the Bulletin

67-72 New issues PRC and Taiwan


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