China Filatelie, vol. 38, whole nr. 146, May 2006


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1-2         From the editor, from the board

3-6         Double is more, the twin issues of China. In this fourth installment of a series the issues of China with Thailand (1995), Australia (1995) and Sweden (1997) are discussed and illustrated.

6                      25 years ago, a short look back on the December 1980 issue of the Bulletin

7-9         Stamps with an extra deals with the stamps issued in the PRC over the last four years that are used for ‘personalized’ blocks and issues on special occasions.

9             In the marketplace gives realizations at auction of Chinese stamps

11-12               Philately on the Great Wall shows the philatelic content of the admission ticket to the Great Wall and a commemorative sheet, issued by a Shanghai university

13-15               Towns on the Eastern LungHai line gives a list of the towns on this railway line (constructed by a Dutch company) when it was originally constructed and a list of the places along the line at present. Many are named differently now and had another name in the meantime. This confusing phenomenon is explained. Also five postmarks in use along the line are shown.

17-18               Blunders on stamps gives some examples of amazing errors made in the design of stamps of different countries; it is the summary of the talk on this subject during a Society meeting.

19-24               New issues PRC and Taiwan           


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