China Filatelie, vol. 38, whole nr. 147, July 2006


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25           From the editor, from the board

25-26               Pheasants, a correction about the species of pheasant illustrated on the twin issue with Sweden, which is not the copper phasant, but the Lady Amherst pheasant (Chrysolophus amherstiae)

26           25 years ago, a short look back on the June 1981 issue of the Bulletin

27-36               “Pakua”-cancels of Peking and Shanghai is a superb article on the use of Pakua cancels. The author shows that the cancel allotted to Beijing (6 unbroken bars) was never used (as far as we know), but a very similar cancel with 6 unbroken bars was used in Shanghai as a killer cancel in the 1905-1909 period. See illustrations!

37-39               Strange perforations from China shows the special forms of perforation used in China in recent years, in the style of the British perforation with an oval hole on two sides of the stamp, but with special perforation in various forms and places.

39           Assistance please for the identification of the cancel illustrated

40           Water- and windmills are shown on this special issue sheetlet using special stamp 2003-Z3

41-43               New books in the library are discussed

46           Again: the Shanghai Emergency Postal Service; a letter from the day the strike ended is shown, bearing an EPS coupon as well as a normal stamp.

45-48               New issues PRC and Taiwan           


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