China Filatelie, vol. 39, whole nr. 150, May 2007


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1-2 From the editor, from the board

3-5 Chinas twin issues discusses the joint issue with Switserland (1998) and shows the many products the Swiss Post issued.

6-7 Space exploration in China discusses the history of manned space travel in China and shows some philatelic issues on this topic

8-9 Taiwan perseveres discusses the first Taiwan stamp issue showing the country designation as Taiwan. The occasion for the stamp issue is the 228-incident of 1947 when Kwomintang troops from Mainland China brutally suppressed a protest movement of Taiwan citizens. It must be significant, says the author, that this issue was picked as the first one to show the new name.

10-13 Shanghai Local Post Jubilee Issue of 1893 is discussed. Three printings of this stamp are identified and discussed and the characteristic flaws for printings and positions are shown. Also a rare contemporary falsification of the stamp is shown.

14-15 My China Collection is the story of the origins of the collection of a seafaring member of the study group who purchased the start of his collection in Guangzhou during the Cultural Revolution.

16-17 Jade discusses some backgrounds of the semi-precious stone and shows some of the stamps showing Jade art.

17 Stamps from NE China with unknown overprint are shown. The character on the stamps could not be identified by the author, who asks for help in finding the background of these stamps.

18 Unissued stamp in presentation booklet of North China issued during the Japanese rule. The never officially issued stamp Chan JN628 was found in a presentation booklet issued for the 6th anniversary of the (Japanese) postal service in North China.

19 Souvenir sheets on various occasions (Spaceflight, Mei Lanfan, Andersen) are shown.

20 25 years ago, a short look back on the March 1982 issue of the Bulletin

21 PPC involved in swindle? The text was written by the Dutch stamp dealer PPC who found these letters on Wuhu Local Post stamps. They were the last issue of the Wuhu office, PPC meaning Pour Prendre Conge (to say goodbye)

22-23 New issues PRC

24 Rarities from Chinas philately shows top lots from recent auctions of Chinese stamps, in this case a Junk 2 ct. overprint with inverted overprint.

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