China Filatelie, vol. 39, whole nr. 151, November 2007


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25-26 From the editor, from the board

26 25 years ago, a short look back on the June and September 1982 issues of the Bulletin

27-29 The Shanghai-Amoy-Ningpo-Hong Kong bogus issue the first Chinese stamps? This elusive 1864 issue is shown and discussed. The origins remain unclear, no examples of postal use of the issue are known, the shipping company that supposedly ordered the issue could not be found. Undisputed is its age: announcements in the 1864 philatelic press are cited.

30-34 Transfertypes in some stamps of NE China. The author shows and describes the constant flaws in the design in the blocks of 10 or 25 stamps used to make up the sheets of SG NE 190, 302 and 305.

35-38 Stamp Auctions The author, partner in D&O Trading, discusses the various types of auctions of stamps, explaining how auctions work and how the D&O auctions are run.

38 Souvenir sheet on the occasion of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, showing Olympic hopeful Liu Xiang (hurdles champion).

39-40 2008 will be the year of China shows some maximum-cards of the Terracotta army

41 Souvenir sheets commemorating Zheng He, Chinese seafaring explorer (14th-15th century)

41 Too early on sale shows a copy of SG 440 used on January 3rd 1933, while all catalogues give the date of issue as January 9th.

42 Post from the Japanese occupation in China shows an illustrated card depicting the attack of the Japanese army on a Chinese city and some Manchukuo special cancels.

43-48 New issues PRC and Taiwan


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