China Filatelie, vol. 39, whole nr. 152, December 2007


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49-50               From the editor, from the board

51-53               Taiwan ‘proof’ souvenir sheets discusses the non-postal value souvenir sheets issued as presents for collectors by the Taiwanese Post since 1998. English version of this article is available through .

53          Stamp booklet for the PRC series 2007-14 is shown. It contains self-adhesive stamps.

54-55               First Chinese Lunar expedition. The article discusses the recent lunar space flight that was launched in October 2007.

56-58               Twin issues of China discusses the 1998 joined issue of China with France and shows the philatelic products issued.

58           25 years ago, a short look back on the December 1982 issue of the Bulletin

59           New Taiwan sealing tape for postal use is shown. English version of this article is available through

59           Refugee relief cover used in 1939 in Shanghai is shown. Does anyone know the origins? English version of this article is available through

60-62               News about the Local Posts contains previously unpublished data: a discussion of the status of the Hankow Local Post Office, probably run by the Hankow Municipal Council and not by the Shanghai Local Post. The plating flaws for a second plate of the Kewkiang Half Cent are shown. The Rules for the Tientsin Local Post are re-published from the 1894 source.

62           Catalogues of Additional Charge Labels are discussed. One is to be found on, another is published by Lars Palmer and freely available to the readers.

63           Souvenir sheet celebrating the successes of Ding Jun Hui (Snooker champion).

64           My China want list recounts the adventures of the author on the Shanghai stamp market.

65-72               New issues PRC and Taiwan


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