China Filatelie, vol. 39, whole nr. 153, May 2008


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1-2         From the editor, from the board

2                      25 years ago, a short look back on the December 1982 issue of the Bulletin

2                      Wanted: Concorde postmarks, requerst from a collector

2                      Rare China stamp: Tien An Men with rays of sunrise, rejected design

3-6         Postal forgeries of China’s Junk, Reaper and Hall of classics stamps are shown and discussed. Information for this review-article is brought together from many sources, including auction catalogues.

7-8         Housing in China. The types of houses shown on stamps from the 1986-91 set are described; continuation of the similar article discussing the other values in #140 of this publication.

9-11       New set of Birds from Taiwan; the birds are discussed.

12           A postcard from Taiwan describes two different paper types for the 1959 type: white and gray, the latter issued later.

13           The “Flying Date” cancels of Taiwan were used on post that had to wait before being forwarded by air in the 1950-51 period.

14-15               50th Anniversary of Postal Service Today was celebrated in Taiwan with a special sheet and envelope, among other things.

15           Rare China stamp: 50 pf German Reichspost black and violet on rose paper with provisional Tientsin overprint.

16-18               Old Chinese sculpture is shown on several maximum-cards

18           Rare China stamp: 2 cents Red Revenue with overprint inverted; one copy with the final s in cents inverted too!

19-24               New issues PRC and Taiwan

24           Souvenir sheet showing UNESCO world heritage sites in Suzhou en Nanjing


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