China Filatelie, vol. 41, whole nr. 157, April 2009


40th Anniversary issue, includes DVD with fully searchable scans of all issues of the first 40 years of China Filatelie!!


English summary

page       summary

1-2         From the editor, from the board

3-10       Post between Taiwan and PR China 1949 – 2008 charts the history of postal; relations across the Taiwan straits. English version of this article to be found here:

10          Expensive postal product: a scroll with silk stamps issued in April 2008 on occasion of the tour of the Olympic flame

11-16               The special Winter Postal Rates in effect up to 1902 to meet the costs of the courier service in winter in the north of China are discussed. Some very rare letters are shown to illustrate the rates.

16          Chinese teapot relates the history of the collecting hobby of a group member

17-26               The postal stationary of the Chinese Empire (part 1) lists the various cards issued by the imperial post and shows used examples.

26          Stamps for our Anniversary were issued in cooperation with the Dutch post

17-28               Collecting China is the final article by our founding member, Cees Mulder, who died in January. It is followed by an obituary.

29-31               The HSBC perfins describes and illustrates all types of the well-known perfin of the Shanghai & Hong Kong Banking Co.

32          A 1969 Letter the comrade Chiang Ching (Mao’s wife) is shown

32          Congratulations for the society from  a long time member

33          A riddle solved discusses a letter from Ershihszekingti (24kingti) and shows the location of this village

35-37               Treaty ports local posts gives a short overview of these issues, highlights some open questions concerning these issues and shows some letters addressed to Baron Gabriel de Ginzbourg

38          Taiwanese birds describes the birds from a recent Taiwan issue

39-40               Oriental popstars describes the pop stars remembered on the 2005 Hong Kong issue

40          China Special issued by the Dutch monthly Filatelie contains interesting articles on China philately

41          Imperial postcard from Shanghai to Holland in 1903 was transported by Transsiberian Railway.

42-43               New in the library discusses some  recent acquisitions

43          Starting by chance is the story of the start of the collecting hobby of one of our members.

44           New issues PRC


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