China Filatelie, vol. 41, whole nr. 158, July 2009


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45-46               From the editor, from the board

47-51               The postal stationary of the Chinese Empire (part 1) lists the various cards issued by the imperial post and shows used examples.

52-53               Imperial postcard from Shanghai to Holland in 1903, shown in the last issue, was not transported by Transsiberian Railway, but by steamer, as is explained here.

54-55               China Maximumcards show scenes from Beijing

56-58               The Chi Kan Tower Revenue 10 c. value is described; 4 issues and overprints on each of those are identified. English version of this article soon to be found here:

58          China filately’s crown jewel shows a spectacular 1883 letter franked with nine 5 cand. Large dragons was sold by Feldman for more than 1 million Euro’s

59-60               40th anniversary of Study group is the text of the anniversary speech given by former Mayor of Amsterdam and China collector Ed van Thijn.

60          W.J. Oudendijk is the name on a Imperial postcard, used as menu card. Through Google it was found out that he was stationed at the Dutch embassy in Beijing in 1898, the date the card was stamped.

61-63               The special Winter Postal Rates in effect up to 1902 to meet the costs of the courier service in winter in the north of China are discussed in this second part of the article. The heaviest known letter and a forgery are shown to illustrate the rates.

63          Rarity from China Filately shows the 3 cts. On 4 cts. Junk issue with overprint inverted, used on piece, only 3 used examples known.

64-65               New in the library discusses some  recent acquisitions

66-68     New issues PRC


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