China Filatelie, vol. 41, whole nr. 159, November 2009


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69           From the editor, from the board

70-72               Interesting Extra Charge Labels discussed some little known aspects of a few of these PRC labels. English version of this article to be found here:

73-77               The postal stationary of the Chinese Empire (part 3) lists the various cards issued by the imperial post and shows used examples.

77          Esperanto in China shows a page from a 1928 Shanghai publication ‘La Esperantista Telegrafisto

78-80               Kinmen and the Juguang Tower discusses the history of Kinmen since 1949 under Nationalist rule. The Juguang tower there was used on Taiwan stamps in the 1960s.

80          Rarity from China Filately shows the unissued stamp of the ‘Message of Chairman Mao to the Japanese Workers’ (Cultural Revolution period).

81-83               Misleading Datestamps from Shanghai shows some cancels with an index number in the place usually used for the year in this type of cancel. The index number can be mistaken for the year.

84-85               50th Anniversary of Tibet take-over was celebrated as anniversary of liberation of serfs. A special postcard was issued for the occasion.

85          Stamps used as small change is the translation of two short articles from the Asia Stamps Journal, July and September 1939, describing the use of postage stamps to replace the copper coins that vanished from circulation at the time.

86-87               Chinese Postal Information Labels (part 4) shows some examples advertising airmail. English version of this article to be found here:

87           Two first dates of issue shows FDC’s with two different dates for the same issue. On the original planned date all post offices in Taiwan were closed due to a typhoon. English version of this article to be found here:

88-89               Commemorative sheets showing two designers of Chinese stamps with some of their work.

90          A priced catalogue of Chinese Official Seals by Jim Kotanchik was issued recently and is discussed here. It follows the D&O numbering, but is in color and also lists additional labels.

90          Unknown Savings Stamp is shown, not listed by Millard Williams and recently found by the author in a box of stamps.

91-92     New issues PRC


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