China Filatelie, vol. 41, whole nr. 160, December 2009


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93-94               From the editor, from the board

94          Rarity from China Filately shows half of the unissued stamp showing Mao and Lin Biao on the Tienanmen rostrum  (Cultural Revolution period). The half stamp was recently sold in Hong Kong.

95-102   Protecting Dutch interests, Dutch marines in China 1900-1920 describes the history of Dutch involvement in the repression of the Boxer rebellion and the period afterwards, illustrated by postal entires from the period..

103-104 Year of the Tiger lists some of the predictions for the Chinese New Year, illustrated with some stamp issues for the occasion from various countries.

105        Chinese Postal Information Labels (part 5) shows some more examples advertising airmail. English version of this article to be found here:

106-107 Shipping Chinese from Indonesia to China is the history of transports of young Chinese from Indonesia to China in the mid 1950s, as told by a sailor one of the ships involved, m.s. Tjiwangi.

108        Auction news, concentrating on two recent spectacular sales of unissued stamps from the Cultural Revolution period.

109        Taiwan proof sheet of the recent Ferns souvenir sheet was issued in a folder. English version of this article to be found here:

110        Shanghai: false or real? In some recent auctions falsifications or reprints of Shanghai dragon stamps were offered as genuine. A warning to have similar material checked by experts!

111-116 New issues PRC and Taiwan


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