China Filatelie, vol. 42, whole nr. 162, September 2010


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25           From the editor, from the board

26-29      Twin issues of PRC XII shows the products associated with the issues of the PRC issued together with Greece (2004) and Great Britain (2008)

30-31      Notes on Taiwan International cancels discusses the types of international cancels found on mail from 1960-61. English version of this article to be found here:

31           Two Forgeries of Wuhu Local Post  stamps are shown; forgeries of the lower values were made because these had been taken off the market by speculants.

32-34      The Great Wall is shown on many Chinese stamps. Its history and present are discussed as well as the postal significance: in the beginning of the last century unrest in Inner Mongolia caused the Chinese authorities to close the gates in the wall, so mail had to be transported (with the mailmen) over the wall.

34           Second life for high value stamps shows some stamps used for franking Chinese mail, fabricated out of fragments of used stamps.

35-36      In Expertizing Chinese stamps in Germany the author tells about his activities as an accredited expert.

36-37      China Filately, my fascination is the personal story of one of our members

37           Chinese Postal Information Labels 6 shows a late example of these labels. English version of this article to be found here:

38-39      Airmail surcharge on incoming mail was charged in 1942, when surface mail from India to China was inpossible and all mail was airlifted. A form used for this purpose is shown. English version of this article to be found here:

40-41    Quotations of Chairman Mao Zedong is one of the most iconic books in Chinese history, but it has its  previous counterparts in the widely distributed writing of Chinese emperors.

41         Special cancel on the occasion of the Taiwan Fair of 1935

42-44    The Japanese Occupation of the Dutch East Indies has produced occupation stamps and postal history. In this article some aspects of the occupation of Java are shown.

44           Souvenir sheets shown are promoting a project supporting handicapped orphans in Lanshou; Dutch special issue stamps with Tigers were produced for this cause.

45           Malaysia and China share more than 6 centuries of (trade) relations and friendship, beginning with the visit of Chinese seafarer Zheng He in 1405. Stamps and a souvenir envelop celebrate this friendship.

46-49      New issues Taiwan

49           Souvenir sheets for Nantong Museum and development of science are shown.


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