China Filatelie, vol. 42, whole nr. 163, December 2010


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49-50 From the editor, from the board

51-53 Twin issues of PRC XIII shows the products associated with the issues of the PRC issued together with Egypt (2001) and Brazil (2000)

53 Stamps on matchboxes are shown, in the 1960s in Holland a grocery chain issued matchboxes showing (among others) Chinese stamps.

54-57 Anatomy of a legal attest cover describes all aspects of the cover shown, including the postal regulations governing the legal attest letter service in Taiwan. English version of this article to be found here:

58 13.000 new collectors is the story of a young girl collecting Chinese stamps, used as an example for the new Dutch program to promote stamp collecting in schools.

58 Collecting stamps is the personal story of one of our members

59 Year of the Rabbit gives some predictions for the new year for people born under various signs.

60-61 Russian Post in China Julian or Gregorian dates? Discusses the two calendars in use by the Russian post in China and shows that on the 1900 card shown both Russian cancels use the Gregorian dates (as used in the rest of Europe since 1582, but introduced in Russia only in 1918).

62-63 Russian Post in China shows and discusses a 1903 letter transported by the Trans Siberian Railway

63-64 Walled cities in China discusses the traditional habit of enclosing Chinese cities in walls

64-65 The Japanese Occupation of the Dutch East Indies has produced occupation stamps and postal history. In the second part of the series some aspects of the occupation of Sumatra are shown.

66 Adventures of a China collector is the personal story of one of our members

67 Visit to the CNPC tells the story of a visit to the Beijing office of the corporation supplying the study group with newly issued stamps.

68 Not fake but reality tells the story of the September 2008 Shenzhou VII space flight (reported prematurely in Chinese media at the time) and shows some commemorative postmarks

69-71 New issues Taiwan

71 Return to sender discusses the incredibly detailed and extensive study of Taiwanese Return to Sender markings, written by Ai Li-shan.

72 New issues planned for 2011 by the PRC post.


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