China Filatelie, vol. 43, whole nr. 164, April 2011


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25           From the editor, from the board

26          Postcard from Peking discusses the postcard shown on the front of the magazine, featuring stamps and cancels from 8 different postal authorities in Peking at the time (1908). A similar card from Tietsin 1901 is shown

27-33               Correspondence transported with the Transsiberian Railway is the second part of a major article discussing the history of post via Siberia in great detail. In this part the period between October 1903 and February 1904 is discussed, when the TSR was open for UPU-post (before disruption of service in Feb.1904 due to Russian-Japanese war)

33          A Plateflaw in the 1950 PRC issue is shown, any more information?

34-35               Twin issues of China, in the 14th installment the joint issue with South Korea (2002) is discussed and various products shown.

35-36               The Pagoda discusses this typical Chinese tower, which is shown on several stamps.

37-39               Platenumbers in Junk issues discusses the known information on plate numbers in these issues, different for London and Peking prints, but numbering of plates is apparently continuous for first and second Peking prints.

40-42               Postal information labels, 7th and (for now) last installment of the series, English version of this article to be found at

42-43               Japanese occupation of Netherlands Indies, 3rd part of the series discusses the issues for two Sumatra provinces.

44-45               A intriguing discovery tells about the finding of a 0,50 Euro cover sold for $1600 due to the rare Shanhaikwan cancel on the cover.

45-46               Commemorative sheet  for Star Lake Co., producer of food additives.

46-47               New issues PRC post

47           New issues Taiwan

47-48     Souvenir sheets with ‘personal stamps’ for different occasions are shown.


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