China Filatelie, vol. 43, whole nr. 166, October 2011


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49           From the editor, from the board

50-54               Correspondence transported with the Transsiberian Railway is the third part of a major article discussing the history of post via Siberia in great detail. In this part the post from Weihaiwei in the period between 1902 and February 1904 is discussed, during part of this period (end of 1902 – August 1903) 1 ct. extra postage (ea ˝ oz.) was required for transport of post to Chefoo, on top of the postage in Russian kopeke for TSR transport.

54-55               The Living Environment in China describes some characteristics of housing in China

56          Julian and Gregorian calendar shows a 1906 card bearing two different chops from the same Russian postoffice in Hankow, one using the traditional Julian and one the (modern) Gregorian calendar. Both systems were used together by the Russian Post in China at that time.

57-58               First KLM flight to Shanghai, September 1948 describes and shows some of the post carried on that flight

58-59               Special postcard shows a postcard from the Japanese Occupation of North China. The original imprinted and added stamps were stamped as ‘void’ after June 1st, 1942 to avoid speculation with stamps brought to North China from Central China (weaker yuan). The card shows the then issued ‘half value’ stamps and a March 1943 commemorative cancel for the third anniversary of the North China Executive Committee.

60-64               To Vietnam through Germany is the account of the adventures of the author traveling Vietnam to find rare stamps in 1995.

64-65               China Philately, always fascinating is the story of one member’s passion.

66-67               Japanese occupation of Netherlands Indies, 4th part of the series discusses the issues for one Sumatra province and for the islands of Billiton and Ternate.

67           Commemorative sheets  for the 60th anniversary of the PRC and for the Shanghai 2010 Expo are shown.

68-70               New issues PRC post

70-72     New issues Taiwan


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