China Filatelie, vol. 43, whole nr. 167, December 2011


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73-74               From the editor, from the board

75-82               Correspondence transported with the Transsiberian Railway is the fourth part of a major article discussing the history of post via Siberia in great detail. In this part the post during the Russian-Japanese war 1904-05 is discussed. Regular use of the TSR was suspended, but parts of the railroad were still in use for postal purposes.

83          Year of the Dragon started in January 2012; there was upheaval about the PRC stamp for the occasion.

84-86               Railroad transport in China gives some history of the expansion of railroads in China

86-87               Story of a Taiwan letter is an article on an urgent letter by Ai Li-shan translated from English. For original text see

88           Missent letters shows two letters accidentally sent to Taiwan with special markings, another article by Ai Li-shan translated from English. For original text see

89-90               Book reviews of new publications by Hellrigl on Mongolia and by Kwan on the covers franked with Dowager issues.

90-92               New additions to the study group library

92-93               Expertizing Chinese stamps describes the initiative to set up an expertizing servive for the study group.

93-95     New issues Taiwan

96          PRC post 2012 stamp issuing program


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