China Filatelie, vol. 43, whole nr. 168, June 2012


English summary

page       summary

1-2         From the editor, from the board

2            Commemorative sheet from the PRC is shown for Hangzhou 2010 Philatelic Expo

3-7         Correspondence transported with the Transsiberian Railway is the fifth part of a major article discussing the history of post via Siberia in great detail. In this part the period between September 1905 and February 1907 is discussed, when the TSR was closed for UPU-post, but in use for some post part of the way.

8-9         Returned cover that could not be forwarded, translation of article by Ai Li-shan; English text to be found on

10-11     Undeliverable cover as no address was on the envelope; returned to sender through office for undeliverable mail, Shanghai (cancel and slips)

11          Commemorative sheet from the PRC is shown for 30th Anniversary of opening up (2008) and 2010 Year book

12          Taiwan Owls describes the birds on a recent Taiwan set

13          Taiwan Berries describes the fruit on a recent Taiwan set

14-15     A 1902 letter shows a letter to Kiaochow, near the German leased territory there

15          Forgeries from the PRC points out that original postmarks and old envelopes are sold in a Shanghai stamp market

16-17     Japanese occupation of Netherlands Indies, 5th part of the series discusses the local issues of Palembang province

17          Proof of Opera set from 1969 shows never issued design

18          New in the library discusses some new additions

19           Souvenir sheets with ‘personal stamps’ for different occasions are shown.

20-24     New issues PRC post


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