China Filatelie, vol. 43, whole nr. 169, October 2012


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25-26               From the editor, from the board

27- 33    Tibet as a collection area is the first of a multi-part article describing all aspects of Tibetan philately and written by an active collector of the area. A general introduction and the British Invasion period are described in this issue.

33          Fantasy products (overprints) are shown, made for selling through the Internet.

34-36               Post in China is a literal transcription of a 1907 newspaper article in the Nieuws van den Dag (Dutch East Indies) containing the laments of a western businessman in Samshui about the shortcomings of the Chinese postal system at the time.

37-38               The ‘son of heaven’ describes the position of the emperor in China through the ages in his relation to Tian (heaven)

39-40               A Letter from Mongolia to China from July 1929 is shown and described, interesting because of the long overseas route through Vladivostok it took due to temporary blocking of the Chinese Eastern Railway in the second half of 1929

40-41     Reusable envelope from PRC 1950 was used in order to spare resources. English version of the article available at

41          Souvenir sheet from the PRC is shown with listing of 2011 issues, from 2011 Year book

42-43     Shipwreck cover SS Fernstream addressed to Taiwan is shown and discussed. English version of the article available at

43           Souvenir sheets with ‘personal stamps’ for different occasions are shown.

44          Birds from the PRC describes the birds shown in the 2012-5 set

45-46               New issues PRC post

47-48               New issues Republic of China (Taiwan)


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