China Filatelie, vol. 44, whole nr. 170, March 2013


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1-2         From the editor, from the board

3-6         Joined issues of China XV; in this Bulletin the joined issues with the USA and Israel, both showing birds, are discussed; many philatelic issues surrounding these issues are shown.

7-14       Tibet as a collector’s area II; in this issue the overprinted Chinese stamps and the first Tibetan stamp issue (1912) are shown and the use is discussed

14          Commemorative envelope for the 40th anniversary of recognition of the PRC by the Netherlands

15          Special Tombstone cancels from the Kiautschou area are shown, also on a 1904 card

16-17               Taiwan Owls describes the birds on a recent Taiwan set

17          Market developments discusses the lowering prices of some PRC material and the growing number of good forgeries of recent PRC stamps

18          Forged stamps from the Taiwan Black Flag republic (1895) are shown

19-24               New issues PRC post


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