China Filatelie, vol. 44, whole nr. 172, October 2013


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49           From the editor, from the board

50-55     Tibet as a collector’s area IV; in this issue the postmarks used in Tibet in different periods are shown and described

55          Souvenir sheets using ‘personal stamps’ for different occasions are shown

56-58     From Shanghai to Prague and back, a five year journey describes the letter sent in 1941, held during WWII in England, sent to the addressee, who died in Treblinka during the war, and returned as undeliverable to sender in 1946. The first leg of the journey took the letter from Shanghai to Manila, a most unusual route.

59-60     Shanghai to Berlin, poste restante describes the 1939 letter, probably from a German refugee in Shanghai, and highlights the Poste Restante system.

60-61     Taiwan Registered Cover shows use of a Taiwan registration label on returned mail, using the same registration number as the original Macao one. English version of this article to be found here:

62-64     Manchukuo: the General Su Ping-wen overprints shown were offered in a recent auction. The historical background of these 1932 overprints is described

64          Non postal value souvenir sheets were produced by the Chinese postal authorities from 1981 onward; a 1990 catalogue lists 534 of these attractive sheets

65-66     China Philately: lucrative collecting? discusses the development of the Stanley Gibbons catalogue value for various better Chinese stamps. The annual percentage of rise in value is attractive, compared to other forms of investment.

67          Souvenir sheets using ‘personal stamps’ for different occasions are shown

68-72     New issues PRC post

72          Souvenir sheets using ‘personal stamps’ for different occasions are shown



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