China Filatelie, vol. 44, whole nr. 174, June 2014


English summary

page       summary

25-26     From the editor, from the board

27-31     First and second prints of the early PRC issues are discussed and their differences explained in this final part of a comprehensive article (translated from the German original)

31          Souvenir sheets using PRC ‘personal stamps’ for the 2014 Year of the Horse are shown

32-35     Tibet as a collector’s area VI; in this issue the cancels from the Nepalese courts in Tibet are shown and discussed

35          Interesting returned for Postage Cover is shown; English version of the article available at

36          Taiwan Owls describes the birds on a recent Taiwan set

37-38     Taiwan – 1954 set for Vietnam discusses this issue and a chop advertising it; English version of the article available at

38-39     The Silk Route discusses the history of this ancient trade route using a recent PRC set.

39          Rarities of China Philately: the $5 overprint on Red Revenue (inverted) is shown

40          Yearly report of the board for 2013

41          Birds of prey on a recent PRC set are discussed

42-43     New issues PRC post

44-48     New issues Taiwan (ROC)

48           Souvenir sheets using PRC ‘personal stamps’ are shown



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Johan Sevenhuijsen

Rietkraag 10

3121 TB  Schiedam