China Filatelie, vol. 44, whole nr. 175, September 2014


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49-50               From the editor, from the board

50          Treating stamps with rust spots: a recipe and its chemical details are given.

50          Souvenir sheets using PRC ‘personal stamps’ celebrating the Chinese Space program are shown, also on the cover

51-56               PRC “personal” or “special service” stamps issued 2006-2013 are shown and described. These are mostly used for commemorative sheets.

57-59               Wide range of stamp topics relate influence of dr. Sun Yat-sen’s life is the translation of the article by Y.C. Shih in Linn’s Stamps News, July 28, 1975

59-60               The “Open” envelopes of Taiwan discusses this elusive variety of the envelopes issued by the Taiwan Post. English version of this article to be found here:

61-62               Tai Ji Quan in Chinese Philately discusses Chinese Martial arts and Tai Ji in particular and shows the PRC stamps showing this theme.

63          Swinhoe’s Pheasant discusses this colorful species, only found on Taiwan and shown on a recent set of stamps

64-66               My philatelic journey is the story of the collecting activity of a member of the society from his youth in Indonesia to the present day.

67-68               Lei Feng – model Chinese discusses this idol soldier whose selfless deeds are still celebrated as an example for all Chinese. Facts and fiction intertwine in this myth from the Mao era.

69-70               New issues PRC post

70-72               New issues Taiwan (ROC)



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