China Filatelie, vol. 47, whole nr. 177, April 2015


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1-2         From the editor, from the board

3-10       China’s Liberated Areas; the author gives an illustrated overview of the stamps issued in the 1930-1949 period, with emphasis on the earlier issues. He also discusses the catalogues and the forgeries (and the difficulties in expertizing these stamps).

11-14               Chinese World Heritage sites on postcards were issued in 2000 by the PRC post in 22 sets, of which the first five are shown.

15-16               The New Life Movement was initiated in 1934 by Chiang Kai Shek; in 1936 a set was issued in its honor. The article is a translation from a 1947 copy of Post Arts Monthly and gives the background to the Movement and the designs of the set.

17-18               Year of the Goat or the Sheep? Both names are used, but in Chinese the character yang is used for both animals

19-20               Transport and infrastructure in ancient China are discussed  in this short article, showing some stamps illustrating means of transport.

20          Souvenir sheets using ‘personal stamps’ for the 16th Asian Games in 2010 are shown

21-22               New issues PRC post

22-24               New issues Taiwan (ROC)



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