China Filatelie, vol. 47, whole nr. 178, September 2015


English summary

page       summary

25-26     From the editor, from the board

27-32     Treasures from the Chinese Cultural Revolution are shown, the five rarest prepared, but not officially issued stamps from this turbulent period of Chinese history are described and illustrated.

33-35     The first issue of Chinese stamps is translated from the January 1947 issue of Post Arts and gives a description of the designs of the ‘dragon’ stamps and their symbolic meaning

36-37     A sensational find in the attic of an English house yielded three large blocks of the 5 Ca Large Dragon stamps (SG6); the history of the find and the subsequent sale of the stamps is given, translated from Linn’s Stamp News.

37-40      Chinese World Heritage sites on postcards were issued in 2000 by the PRC post in 22 sets, of which the second group of five are shown.

41          Stamps for Special use (Z-type), issued in 2014 are shown, completing the article on earlier emissions of this type in #175

42-43     Souvenir sheets using ‘stamps for special use’ are shown

44-46      New issues PRC post

46-48      New issues Taiwan (ROC)



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