China Filatelie, vol. 47, whole nr. 179, December 2015


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49-50     From the editor, from the board

51-59     Postal Savings Stamps is a 1969 article by the founder of the Studygroup, now published for the first time in our Bulletin

59          Souvenir sheet using ‘stamps for special use’ is shown

60-61      Chinese World Heritage sites on postcards were issued in 2000 by the PRC post in 22 sets, of which the third group (of three) is shown.

62          News from Kewkiang Local Post gives some as yet unpublished information on these issues, including a falsification, an unknown overprint and a second type of “One cent” overprint

63          Farmer’s uprising during the Qin dynasty was commemorated of PRC set J179; article translated from China Philately, November 1991

64-65     Art from Chinese Grottoes is shown on PRC set R24; article translated from China Philately, July 1989

66-70      New issues PRC post

71-72      New issues Taiwan (ROC)



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