China Filatelie, vol. 48, whole nr. 180, March 2016


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1-2, 6     From the editor, from the board

3-6         The 1920 famine – China’s first semipostals are discussed, their use is shown, as are subsequent stamps and labels for Famine relief

7-8         Chinese World Heritage sites on postcards were issued in 2000 by the PRC post in 22 sets, of which the fourth group (of three) is shown.

9-11       Mengkiang – a complex area; the Japanese occupation issues for this area in Inner Mongolia are discussed, with emphasis on the high value surcharges, the Kalgan issue and the fake surcharges that surfaced a few years after the war.

12-15     News from Chungking and Shanghai Local Post gives some as yet unpublished information on these issues, including plating information

15          Design for first Chinese stamps shown (ex Mizuhara) was sold recently through Spink

16-17     Quit collecting, or….? is the story of a society member and his new found love for collecting Japanese occupation issues.

17          Souvenir sheet using ‘stamps for special use’ is shown, celebrating 70th anniversary of the end of WW II.

18-19     Use of Chinese postcodes was suspended for the period 1981-87 after the introduction in 1979.  It was re-introduced because of post mechanization.

19          Postal Savings Stamps is a follow-up on the article in the last Bulletin, discussing the enormous growth of the Postal Savings Bank from 1986 to present.

20           New issues PRC post

20-23     New issues Hong Kong  for 2015

24           New issues Taiwan (ROC)



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