China Filatelie, vol. 48, whole nr. 181, July 2016


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25-26     From the editor, from the board

27-31     Sinkiang, trouble at China’s border gives an introduction to the historic development of the region, the stamps overprinted for use there and the postal history (early post is very scarce)

31, 34, 41  Souvenir sheet using ‘stamps for special use’ is shown, with a scene from the Slender West Lake, also seen in PRC set 2015-7

32-34     Design mistakes in PRC stamps are shown and described, with also the withdrawn 1964 emission of Peking Opera masks, re-issued in 1980. See article in China Philately 1989-6.

35-36     Chinese World Heritage sites on postcards were issued in 2000 by the PRC post in 22 sets, of which the fifth group (of three) is shown.

37-38     Influence of Japanese occupation on China’s Post discusses the 1937-41 period, when China’s stamps without overprint were in use both in free and in Japanese occupied China

38           Souvenir sheet using ‘stamps for special use’ is shown, with scenes from the ‘Stories on Journey to the West’, also subject of the PRC set 2015-8

39          Red Revenue stamps, article on the origins translated from China Philately 1989-6

40-41     Special set from North East China concerns a set listed in the Michel catalog, but not in other Liberated Area catalogues, issued in Mudanjiang. See article in China Philately 1989-6

42-43     Confucius on Chinese stamps gives a short description of the man’s life (translated from China Philately 1989-5), teachings and their influence, illustrated by various stamp issues.

44-45      New issues PRC post

45-47      New issues Hong Kong

47-48      New issues Taiwan (ROC)



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