China Filatelie, vol. 48, whole nr. 182, November 2016


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49-50†††† From the editor, from the board

51-52†††† The B.P.O. to C.P.O. cancel shown, used in Shanghai 1919-1922, was in use at the Chinese post, as shown by a Ďpostal memorandumí, showing the cancels in use at the time.

53-56†††† The New Peking Printings of several SYS and Martyrs stamps were produced 1941-45 and were used primarily for Japanese Occupation overprints; the article lists the identifying properties of these printings

57-59†† N.C.H. perfins in Large Dragon stamps shows all known copies of this perfin of the North China Harald

59††††††††† Talking letters were introduced by China Post in 1987, using special envelopes and cassette tapes.

60††††††††† Chinese presence in the South Chinese Sea is shown by a 1988 special envelope, cancelled at Nan Sha Island, part of the contested archipelago

61-62†††† Creation stories and fairytales that are subject of set T120 (1987) are told here.

62-63†††† Too late or too early? gives the story of the 50th anniversary of Chinese Post stamps, issued late in 1947

63-64†††† Folk art on stamps; the 1987 stamp set shows good prospects for rural areas using Jin Shan County farmerís paintings.

64††††††††† The 1959 Rocketstamp shows the first rocket leaving the earthís orbit, launched in January of that year.

64††††††††† The bronze bells found at the 5th century BC tomb of marquis Yi are dubbed the Eighth wonder of the world.

65-68 †††† New issues PRC post

68-69 †††† New issues Hong Kong

69-72 †††† New issues Taiwan (ROC)

72††††††††† From the heart reveals a hidden message on the 2015 Fatherís day stamp



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