China Filatelie, vol. 48, whole nr. 183, March 2017


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1-2†††††††† From the editor, from the board

3-6†††††††† Transfer from Gold to Silver Yuan discusses the chaotic times with inflation and repeated changes of currency in 1948-49 and shows some covers from this period

6††††††††††† The Motherís day stamp from China (2013) contains a hidden message

7-10†††††† The end of use of the Chinese Moon calender shows the way in which in Chinese cancels dates were shown with emphasis on the transfer from Chinese to Western calender in the Chinese Republic.

11-14†††† The history of building the Trans Siberian Railroad is discussed

15-18†††† Plate varieties in SYS stamps shows the variations in the Dah Tung Gold Yuan stamps, connected with the lithographic process. In each value the sheet is made up of blocks of 10 with specific characteristics in the Chinese value. Translated (and newly illustrated) from Stamps World #48.

19-21 †††† New issues PRC post

22-23 †††† New issues Taiwan (ROC)

23-24 †††† New issues Hong Kong



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