China Filatelie, vol. 49, whole nr. 184, June 2017


English summary

page       summary

25-26     From the editor, from the board

26          Taiwan letter shows correct franking with invalidated stamps, postage due charged. Original article in English, see :

27-30     Taiwan and PRC: postal links; the history of postal communications is discussed and illustrated, with emphasis on the 1989-93 period of mutual ‘postal war’ and censorship

30          A holiday card from the PRC to the USA took 5 months to deliver, including 4 months in the Chinese post office, possibly because it was underfranked.

31-34     The history of building the Trans Siberian Railroad is discussed (part II)

34          A ridiculous postmark on a card from 1912 is shown: wrong date, place at top: Peking, at bottom Shanhaikwan (300 km apart); a fantasy product

35-36     The order of overprinting the Red Revenue stamps is discussed and shown; the numbers of the overprinted sheets support the order shown.

36-37     Vietnam protests PRC stamp showing the Paracel islands in the South Chinese Sea, also claimed by Vietnam. The UPU correspondence is shown, as well as a recent PRC stamp set showing the lighthouses on the same islands

38-43     The post in China in 1908 is the reprint of a 1910 Dutch article, based on the yearly report of the Chinese Post on 1908, giving an overview of developments.

43          A remarkable mistake is shown, on the postcard issued in Chengdu the name of the country is given as ‘Republic of China’, the name used by the Taiwan government. Original article in English, see :

46-47      New issues PRC post

47-48      New issues Taiwan (ROC)

48          Censored envelope shows an envelope from the Cultural Revolution period with the line ‘highest level directives’ obscured, as this was a Lin Biao slogan.



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