China Filatelie, vol. 49, whole nr. 185, December 2017


English summary

page†††††† summary

49-50 †††† From the editor, from the board

51-58†††† Printing technique used for the stamps of the PRC is a translated article from China Philately 11/92 and 03/94

58††††††††† Commemorative envelope is shown, celebrating 45 years of diplomatic relations on ambassador level between PRC and the Netherlands

59-60†††† Postal wars involving the PRC discusses the measures taken by the PRC against Freedom from Hunger stamps of Nepal and í20 years expulsioní stamps of West Germany. Also an addition to the article in the last issue on the measures taken against Taiwan stamps.

61-62†††† A 1929 letter from Mongolia to Kalgan is shown which has made a large detour through Vladivostok and Shanghai due to suspension of service on the China Eastern Railway. Rare occurrence!

62-63†††† An unknown Taiwan forgery to defraud the post is shown. Even the watermark was imitated. Original article in English, see :

63-64†††† On the cover a 1947 letter from the Dutch embassy to the Netherlands is shown; the route and tariff are explained

64††††††††† Postal information labels: a 1946 label not recorded before has turned up. The text is known, but the setting and paper are different. Original article in English, see :

65-66 †††† New issues PRC post

66-69†††† New issues Hong Kong post

69-73 †††† New issues Taiwan (ROC)

48††††††††† Commemorative sheetlet commemorating Fatherís day is shown



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