China Filatelie, vol. 49, whole nr. 186, April 2018


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1-2         From the editor, from the board

3-5         Early Postal Wars involving China discusses the refusal to accept mail with stamps from Mongolia, Manchukuo and Japanse Post Offices in China (post 1922). It also shows some covers from 1942-43 with blackened Japanese stamps on Hong Kong post to China

6-7         Registered mail China to Taiwan 1987-93 shows some examples from this period when registered and express mail were not yet allowed. Original article in English, see :

8-10       Manchuria local overprints 1945-47 gives an introduction to this extensive field and shows some letters.

11          Two types of the first Taiwan international Aerogramme 1948 are shown Original article in English, see :

12          Fakes covers in reputable auctions; two examples are shown of letters made ‘interesting’ by adding features; they were auctioned by reputable Auction houses.

13          Mail Inspection chops used in Taiwan are shown. Original article in English, see :

14          Interesting postcard is shown both mint (issued East China) and used in overprinted form for use in PRC

15          Jacana – water pheasants were shown on a recent Taiwan issue. The article discusses their habitat and activities

16-20      New issues PRC post

20-22     New issues Hong Kong post

22-23      New issues Taiwan (ROC)

24          Commemorative sheetlets showing landscapes of Jiangxi are shown



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