China Filatelie, vol. 50, whole nr. 187, June 2018


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25-26      From the editor, from the board

27-31     From China to Belgium in 4 years traces the history of mail sent in 1914 from China to the occupied parts of Belgium; the post was only delivered in December 1918; various routes and ways of handling are discussed

31-35     Chinese fiscal stamps – a little appreciated collecting area; the author gives an introduction into the fiscal stamps from various periods, areas and uses and advocates more attention for these fascinating stamps

36-40     Mao on stamps gives some insight into various aspects of a themed collection on Mao Zedong. Many stamps were issued for the Liberated Areas. They give insight into the history of the People’s Republic and also give ample opportunity for philatelic specialization.

41-42     Keep on hunting is the personal account of a collector focused on collecting Japanese Occupation stamps

42          Where are the carp? discusses the announced issue 2017-14 of the People’s Republic and speculates on why these stamps were never issued.

43          Magpies are shown on a recent Chinese issue; their behavior and the various subspecies living in China are discussed here.

44-46      New issues PRC post

45          New issues Hong Kong post

47-48      New issues Taiwan (ROC)

48          Commemorative sheetlets showing landscapes of Jiangxi, for the 60th anniversary of the CNPC and for Mother’s day are shown



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