Ai Li-shan


On March 1, 1993 Huangshi City in Hubei Province issued a 30c postal surcharge label for use on parcel receipts.  The label was issued in panes of 10 (how many panes per sheet is unknown).  The pane has an interesting variety in position 8/10 that consists of complete circles on the right side  of the design.  The Hubei province catalogue of surcharge labels by Charles Ouyang gives the dates of usage as March 1 to September 30, 1993. 


The label itself is without the red seal often seen.  The seal was applied by the Huangshi post office.

I have not seen a copy used that does not have the red seal.  It could be that the earlier usage did not have the seal, but I have not seen them. The variety is known used.



                        Huangshi surcharge label, pane with variety position 8/10


Enlargement of variety


Used copy with red chop on parcel form