Ai Li-Shan


Those of you that collect covers are sometimes hard pressed to explain why a particular cover makes its way into your collection.  Several years ago I ran across the illustrated cover with the printing of “The Man in the sedan-chair To the man in the sedan-car” .  As you can see, it is really beat up, even with holes.  However, it was priced so low that it was hard to pass up.  It was mailed from Shanghai on June 13, 1923 to the U. S.  It is evident that quality is not one of the factors I use when purchasing a cover!



Since the writer evidently was a resident of Shanghai and had it printed, probably the name and return address was on the back flap.  However, to be consistent with the condition on the front, the back flap was missing.  If by any chance you have a similar cover and can provide the name and address of the sender, please advise the editor.