Ai Li-Shan


There is nothing more fun in Chinese Philately than the collecting of the local surcharge labels. Many articles have been written about the reasons for the surcharge. It began in 1987 and continued to 1999 (later on postal service receipts). There are the postal surcharge labels and also the hand stamped markings. Personally, I enjoy collecting the hand stamp markings on cover best. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to every now and then provide some examples of the more interesting (to me at least), examples. The first is a sheet of 40 of the 10c and 20c labels of Antu, Jilin Province. The sheet has the left three rows in the 10c value and the right vertical row of the 20c value. Other words there are 30 of the 10c and 10 of the 20c values. They are printed on plain paper, imperforate. Color green.




Full Sheet


Corner Block