Ai Li-Shan


Now that we have your attention!  For many many years there has been various articles written on the post office information/propaganda slips.  First of all, I propose that we call them information since that is more indicative of the usage.  It was to provide information to the public on the services available and encourage them to use certain services to expedite their mail.


As most of you are aware, there are many slips or forms attached to the covers being processed through the mail.  It is my intention to start a series on the various forms to be encountered and illustrate the forms and the actual usage.  As a very brief breakdown of the coverage, I will divide them into the Republic of China (to 1949), Taiwan from 1945-present and the People’s Republic of China.


The various series include the information slips, censored slips, return to sender and the multiple use forms that may include postage due usage.  Before we get ahead of ourselves, the next few issues will only include the information forms.


What we need to add to the articles via the web site and publication, is to establish dates and places of usage.  Many single articles have described one cover, but no effort has been made to pin down the dates of usage.  I will admit that many of them are now very scarce, but many do reside in collections.  Please take an active part and report the date of usage you have.


Republic of China information slip #1.  Used on an inbound cover from New Zealand to Chungking.  Mailed on December 12, 1946, from the Bank of New Zealand to the Bank of China in Chungking.  Transit Hong Kong cancel of January 13, 1947 (under the slip).  Received in Chungking on January 21, 1947, the slip being cancelled that date.




Slip white paper with red ink.

            Thickness - .0052 inches

            Size:  45 x 88mm

Translation:  Due to the blockage of some surface routes, your letter was delivered by airmail.      Please notify the sender to send future letters by airmail to assure prompt delivery.  


Republic of China information slip #2 Domestic letter to Peiping, mailed June 12, arrived on June 13, 1947.  The cover has a total postage of $250, $100 for ordinary mail and $150 for the surcharge. 



            Slip white paper with red ink.

            Thickness - .0037 inches

            Size:  68 x 140 mm

Translation:  QUICK!  QUICK!  QUICK!  This is the letter that you wish to have delivered promptly!  Even though it was sent by ordinary mail, we delivered it via airmail, without additional postage being added.

The slip was applied even though the postage for airmail was paid.


Both of the above covers are from the J. Lewis Blackburn collection and are now in the collection of the author.


PLEASE take the time to examine your covers and let the editor know of additional dates or place of usage.