Ai Li-shan


Continuation of the series on slips attached to covers.


17. Size 61 x 110 mm

Paper thick white paper, .0042 thick

Black lettering

Shanghai July 30, 1948 (letter from Wusih to Shanghai)

This is a most unusual slip it reads from left to right. To my knowledge, this is the only form that uses this format. Please note it is very late and probably the last used.





Please keep for reference

Domestic Airmail postage

Begins July 21, 1948




Airmail letter are posted fastest




All of these rates include one unit of (20 grams). Airmail fee is $70,000




Money remittance letter safest


Left box Right box

Type of mail Fee

Postcard (Single) 80,000

Ordinary mail 85,000

Ordinary mail express 100,000

Registered letter 115,000

Money remittance 165,000

registered (basic rate)

Double registered letter 220,000

(with return receipt)

Money remittance double 270,000

registered, (basic rate)

Express letter 130,000

Double registered express 235,000