Ai Li-shan


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Reference article (4) of the series published in the last issue. 

11.  Size - 72.5 x 106.5 mm

       Paper - thin, very light green, .0025 inch thickness

       Black lettering

       Shanghai, April 21, 1947


!!!FAST   !!!FAST   !!!FAST


Why did this ordinary letter arrive so fast?  It was because

 it was transported by airplane.


However, airplanes can only carry ordinary letters when

 there us space available after it caries airmail.


Please use airmail if you wish to have your letter quickly



12.  Size - 67 x 104 mm

       Paper - thin white, .0023 inch thickness

       Red lettering except, the last four characters in the 3rd

       row  and the last three characters in the last row are black.

       Shanghai October 7, 1947


!!!FAST   !!!FAST   !!!FAST


Recently the airplane routes have been expanded and with

more frequent flights, airmail items are delivered rapidly.


Because of the difficulty in surface transportation, the de-

livery of those mail items without paying airmail postage fee

cannot be expedited.

For fast mail delivery, please choose airmail.


13.  Size - 55 x 100 mm

       Paper - smooth white, .0023 inch thickness.

       Red lettering.

       Nanking, November 23, 1946


!!!FAST   !!!FAST   !!!FAST

The airmail routes have recently been expanded and are

frequent, therefore the AIRMAIL DELIVERY is FASTER!


For the mail item without airmail postage affixed, the speed

of delivery cannot be fast since the surface transportation is

now difficult.


Please use AIRMAIL SERVICE for a prompt delivery.