Ai Li-shan


Continuation of the series of slips attached to covers.  Since the series began, a couple of people have asked about the thickness of the paper.  As a basis to have a fill for the thickness of the paper given,


                                    Thickness                     Similar material


                                    .0019 inches                 Tracing paper or single weight glassine (for stamps)


                                    .0020 inches                 Onion skin paper


                                    .0040 inches                 20 pound copy paper (usual weight of copy paper)


                                    .0048 inches                 24 pound paper


                                    .0050 inches                 28 pound paper


                                    .0100 inches                 110 pound card stock paper


When making the measurements, the thickness is measured from an area free of printing.  We use the Dial Thickness  Gage manufactured by the Mitutoyo Corporation, model 2804-10 No. 7326. The gage is rather expensive, but certainly helpful in determing the thickness of paper.


18.  Size - 37 x 108 mm

       Paper - thin glazed paper (probably white but now

                    yellowed) .0026 inches thick

       Red lettering

       Shanghai May 14, 1947.

This slip has a violet hand stamp "25" for the zone number

 of the addressee.  This form was probably sent to the

 various post offices in Shanghai for them to stamp in their



Translation:  Please be advised that your address is in the

number 25 post district in shanghai, and that this letter on

which no number of the post district is marked could

easily have been delayed.                                                                   


Will you please advise the letter writer to mark "25" below

the words Shanghai on every letter hereafter, so as to make

the delivery of letters faster.




                                                                                                            Slip 18


19.  Size - 35 x 100 mm  

       paper - thick white .0040 inches thick

       red lettering (the "18" is the same color as the characters)

       Shanghai 1948 January 17 


Translation : same as above with minor character

differences, and the number 18 printed the same

time as the form. 


This is the only example found with the code number

imprinted with the form.  After the initial distribution of the

form to add their codes, it is possible that others printed the 

form, perhaps also with variation of the characters.                                                                










                                                                                                                         Slip 19



20.  Size -  44 x 114 mm

       Paper - thick white .0036 inches thick

       Red lettering the (8) hand stamped in black  

        Peiping 1948. May 18

This is the only form I have seen from Peiping, being on a 

postage due cover, ex Beckman collection.


Translation: Check your address, it belongs to Peiping #8

post zone.  This letter did not have the zone number, so

easily delayed.


Please inform the sender to write the zone "8" following

Peiping.  The mail can be delivered quicker.










                                                                                                                     Slip 20