Ai Li-shan


This is the final installment of the post office information slips found on covers during the 1947-48 period.  You are encouraged to report any unreported, or for that matter any dates of usage you may have.



21.       Size - 66 x 138 mm

            Paper white (now yellowed) poor quality

            .0046 inches thick

            Red lettering

            Shanghai August 7, 1947



top characters -  Progressive Postal Service

top box -             To Improve the Postal Service

Text - right to left -

            During our campaign for an improved postal

 service, in the last few months  considerable improvements

in the processing mails, particularly in the area of speed

and security have been made.  It is our belief that only

by accepting suggestions and criticism from our patrons

will we be able to correct mistakes and improve our

service.  We need your suggestions to improve our



Please address your letter with suggestions to the "Directorate

General of Posts, Ministry of Communications, Nanking."

No stamp is necessary if you use the printed label below for

postage.  We hope that you will respond to our appeal by'

giving us your opinion.


coupon - Postal Service Improvement Suggestion Letter          





22.       The same form was also printed in dark blue, with usage in Shanghai.  Unfortunately we do not have  an example  available, but usage probably in late 1947 or early 1948.









23.  Form similar to 21 and 22, except different  fonts.  It was locally printed, probably in the place of usage, Lanchow, Kansu Province.  This is one of the very few forms seen that were printed locally.


Size -               66 x 122 mm (please note coupon missing)

Paper -             Very poor quality .0047 inches thick

Red lettering

Lanchow, Kansu Province.  May 28, 1947

Translation-      Same as number 21.